Virtual World Solutions

Automatic Cloud Backup For Windows Servers

Software Guru's CloudProtect Technology allows you to automatically backup any Windows Server 2008 or later to our Cloud
  • Our CloudProtect Agent is easy to install and typically requires no rebooting.
  • It works via HTTP and is transparent to most firewalls.
  • All data is compressed and encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption before being transmitted.
  • Advanced Option allow you to throttle or increase bandwidth.
  • Uses VSS to snapshot windows volumes; either all or only select volumes.
  • Snapshots can be scheduled on 3, 6 or 9 hour intervals.
  • We store multiple snapshot restore points to allow you to restore your server as a VM at multiple points in time.

Affordable Cloud Backup

SoftwareGuru.Cloud has one of the most complete and cost effective Cloud Backup Solutions available.
Single Server Backup (ala-carte)
 Item  Description  Price
1 CloudProtect VM 1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB Storage *   $50.00
Additional Storage 250 GB Additional CloudProtect  *  $  5.00
Testing Test Virtualization Per Test Per Server  $50.00
DR Recovery Resources  vCloud Suite, Additional vCPU, RAM  vCloud
Hands On DR Activation Software Guru Consulting at SGC Discount Rate (Per hour)  $100.00
In the single server backup mode, the CloudProtect Server is in a shared vCloud and thus all testing must be supervised by SGC administrators.  In the model where you have your own vCloud, you can do testing and live virtualization, or pay only for the assistance you need.
*Snapshots are taken every 3, 6 or 9 hours and are retained for 30 days allowing point in time restore. For 3 Year Snapshot retention simply double CloudProtect cost ($100 base, $10/month/250 GB)
 CloudProtect vDataCenter
For 1 or more Servers
 Item  Description  Price
1 CloudProtect vDataCenter
  • vLAN
    • Public IP
    • Class C Private LAN
  • Firewall
    • Unlimited IPSec Tunnels
    • Unlimited OpenVPN Clients
    • Load Balancer
    • Full FW Port and Policy Control Web Interface
    • VPN Tunnel/User Management Web Interface
  • Bandwidth
    • Unlimited INBOUND
    • Unlimited vLAN to vLAN
    • 50 GB OUTBOUND
1 CloudProtect VM 1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB Storage Per Server *
(CP Server Resources do not count against your vCloud resources)
Additional Storage 250 GB Additional CloudProtect Storage *  $  5.00
Testing Test Virtualization Per Test--No cost if you do the testing from your Control Panel.  Or we can do it for you at the same rate above per VM.  $  0.00
DR Recovery Resources vCloud Suite, Additional vCPU, RAM.  You can choose to reserve the resources in advance, or add them as needed during DR.  vCloud
Hands On DR Activation (Optional) Software Guru Consulting at SGC Discount Rate (Per hour)  $100.00
 *Snapshots are taken every 3, 6 or 9 hours and are retained for 30 days allowing point in time restore. For 3 Year Snapshot retention simply double CloudProtect cost ($100 base, $10/month/250 GB)

No Contracts, Just Discounts

  • All services are available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.
  • No contract other than for the duration of the service.  At the end of each paid term you are under no obligation to renew.
  • All services available for subscription/automatic payments.
  • Purchasing longer terms provides discounts.
  • For vCloud Resources.
    • Paying Quarterly saves 5%
    • Paying Semi-annually (6 months) saves 10%
    • Paying Annually saves 15%

Single Server CloudProtect

 Protecting a single server, whether physical or virtual has never been easier.
  • For a stand alone server, we create a CloudProtect Server for you in either your own vCloud, or one of our backup vClouds.
  • Install the CloudProtect Agent on your physical or virtual server and enter the IP address port of your CloudProtect Server at SGC.  
  • After connection, select the drives you want to replicate and the replication frequency of 3, 6 or 9 hours and begin the replication.
  • Once the initial replication is complete, only changes will be replicated to the CloudProtect Server
  • After initial replication is complete, the VM can be tested by bringing it online with minimal resources to verify integrity as needed.
  • The test can use different point in time snapshots to restore files and folders.


Data Center Backup

 Backup multiple servers, or your entire data center to your own vCloud suite!
  • Rent a vCloud from us and have an entire virtual data center ready to go in a DR situation.
  • Create CloudProtect Servers in your own vCloud and have all your firewall, VPN connections and other network settings ready to go in an emergency.
  • You can preconfigure:
    • All VPN Tunnels that will need to be replicated in a disaster scenario.
    • Map DR IP Addresses to your CloudProtected web servers.  You will know the IP Addresses of all DR servers and can have everything setup.
    • OpenVPN Users and permissions.
    • Adding Sparkview to any live VM in your vCloud allows you to have a clientless HTML 5 Compatible Remote Desktop Connection to any DR server in your vCloud
    • Knowing the internal IP's of all your servers, you can preconfigure DNS records to ensure name based connections come up quickly.

Remote Access

Accessing Your Servers
 In your vCloud you have multiple options
  • From your vCloud Portal each server is accessible via the portal via an Apache Guacamole  console.
    • We recommend using this simply to install VMWare tools on a Windows machine that was not built with our template (or with VMTools installed).
  • All servers in a vCloud are protected by your Firewall.  
    • You can define an OpenVPN User for yourself and connect with any OpenVPN Client, including the one we provide you.
    • If you have a firewall at your location that supports IPSec tunnels, create an IPSec tunnel to your vCloud.  
    • With either of these options you will be on your vCloud LAN.
  • For Windows Servers:  All Windows Severs allow up to two RDP Administrator Sessions.  Simply open TCP/UDP ports 3389 in your firewall mapped to your server.
    • Using this mode, unless you have multiple IP address on your firewall, you would need to use alternate ports for second and later servers.
  • For Linux Servers, open the NAT ports on the firewall for your preferred access mechanism.
  • On any server in your vCloud you can install our SparkView host application (Java based) 
    • Open/map web/ssl ports from your firewall to the vCloud Server.
    • On the server, follow our instruction manual for the simple configuration of the SparkView host application to add the servers in your vCloud.
    • SparkView requires no software on the remote servers or on any client.  Clients simply need and HTML 5 compliant browser.  See below for cost.
  • If your organization has available MS RDS Licenses for the type of Windows Servers you have in your vCloud, subject to your license agreement with MS, you can bring your own RDS licenses.
SparkView and Remote Desktop Services Access License
Microsoft requires a RDS-SAL license for every user accessing a Windows Server (other than via RDP for Administrative purposes only).   Software Guru packages an RDS (Terminal Services) license and a SparkView license together for one low monthly cost per named user.

For Linux and Webuzo users you can simply purchase SparkView client licenses and use SparkViews HTML5 VNC and SSH interface.
 Item  Description  Price
1 User HTML 5 RDS/VNC/SSH License SparkView Client License, MS RDS SAL User License  $ 6.00
1 User HTML 5 VNC/SSH License SparkView Client License  $ 1.00

When using your own SparkView server, SparkView is purchased in license packs starting with 10 users.  If you have fewer than 10 users you can use our shared SparkView Gateway for single users.